Webshop: Minimanfactory webshop
Customer service/Adress: H 9771, Balogunyom, Arany J. u. 8/A
Telefon: +36/36-94/313-065
Fax: +36/36-94/313-065
Tax no.: HU22387259
Bank: Minimanfactory Bt., Raiffeisenbezirksbank Oberwart, Hauptplatz 20, A -7471 Rechnitz, AUSTRIA
IBAN: AT683312500002841930
Register no.: 18-06-106081
Issuing authority: Vas Megyei Cégbíróság

Terms of purchase

Dear Customer!

1.Information about purchase

Our electronic commerce company offers scale models and their supplements as well as other models.The above items can be ordered electronically at our webshop by delivery.

If you want to be a customer respectively an active user of the electronic commerce company of Minimanfactory Bt., please read our General Contract Terms. For taking advantage of our services it is essential that you agree with all clauses of the GCT and consider it obligatory for yourself. For all inquiries about functioning, order and delivery is our Customer Service at your disposal.


webshop: Minimanfactory Bt.
Address: H-9700 Szombathely, Sas u. 6.
Telefon/Fax: 0036-94/313-065
VAT ID : HU22387259
Register no: 18-06-106081

2. Right of cancelling the purchase

. According to the Decree No. 17/1999 you can cancel the contract, i.e. purchasing the item within 8 working days without offering an explanation. You can send back the item with the invoice or receipt.
. You can cancel the purchase from the day on when you received the item. If the item, its supplement and package are complete and not damaged, but for any reason it does not satisfy your demand, you can send it back without offering an explanation.
. We look into the item and its packing about its complete and undamaged condition, so we cannot receive items sent back by cash on delivery.
. After receiving your package at our company we make a video recording about the unpacking of the package, i.e. we look into the item sent back. This is necessary for avoiding any possible missunderstandings / for example that the item was damaged or defective/. We issue a refund of the purchased, full and undamaged returned item within 30 days after the cancellation. Because of the cancellation the customer is responsible for the costs of the returned item. The seller can demand compensation because of not proper use of the item. The purchase cannot be cancelled if the customer personally received the item in our office or he/she used the model.

3. Privacy Notice

.At your order we only record information that are absolutely necessary to fulfill the order. The owner of the company does not give these information to a third party, except only information that are essential for handling or delivering the given item.

4. Our relevant legal regulations (hungarian)

Related legislation, regulations:
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