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Customer service/Adress: H 9771, Balogunyom, Arany J. u. 8/A
Telefon: +36/36-94/313-065
Fax: +36/36-94/313-065
Tax no.: HU22387259
Bank: Minimanfactory Bt., Raiffeisenbezirksbank Oberwart, Hauptplatz 20, A -7471 Rechnitz, AUSTRIA
IBAN: AT683312500002841930
Register no.: 18-06-106081
Issuing authority: Vas Megyei Cégbíróság



1.At our company you can inquire about our product line without ordering. In this case you do not have to provide us with your data.

With the function SEARCH we would like to make purchase easier as you can look for a word, a fraction of a word int he identification, name and description of the product line.
2. To look for the product line, references at the main page help you to choose the main product line with subdivisions.

3. Klicking ont he requested item you get detailed list of products. Here you can choose from the product line and get to detailed information with photographes and description.

The process of ordering

4. You can buy at our company without registration. You can receive information with Browsing and Search about essential qualities of the product line respectively the price. The prices on the website does not include delivery charges.

5. Klicking on the price respectively " Put in the Shopping Basket" at the bottom of the page you can put your item in the Shopping Basket.
After pushing the button " Shopping Basket/ Order" you will see the content of your Shopping Basket, where you can modify the quantity of the ordered items respectively cancel the item you do not want. Pushing the button "Order" you get to the delivery address and payment fields where you can register by providing your information. Klicking then on the button "Order", we send you immediately a confirmation e-mail. Please check your delivery address, way of delivery and payment condition.

6. As the price of the item does not include delivery charges, you can pay only after we calculated this depending on your ordering. We send you about this an e-mail "Confirmation of delivery charges". Then enter the page with the given user name and password, in the file "My orders" klick on the button "Pay", so you can start payment via the system PayPal.
Before purchasing please read our purchasing conditions. If you have any questions please turn confidentially to our Customer Service.

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